The project aims to create a network of European municipalities that share a strong and flourishing tradition in the fishing sector. Through this network, the project will aim to promote the importance of the European Union and the social, economic and political cost of the lack of integration at European level in the fishing sector. The action focuses its attention on fishing because this field is very important both for the traditions of the communities involved in the project – and as a consequence for the promotion of social integration and peaceful coexistence – and for their economic life. The importance of the project is enhanced by the fact that from 1 January 2014 the new Common Fisheries Policy (hereafter CFP ) designs to bring greater sustainability to the sector and try to stop the uncontrolled fishing, harmful to the environmental balance. So, the reform will address this larger problem having a negative and indirect impact also on social and economical balance at local, national and international level.

. Thanks to the project activities will be possible – through the participation of experts, trading associations and citizens – to start a constructive debate facing the fishing from 3 points of view:

- The importance of fishing in the tradition and European culture, especially traditional fishing as a core value for sustainable development and social integration;

- Dynamics and European legislative and regulatory exchange of experiences and good practices of sustainable fisheries such as fishing or Lampuka Coryphene (Syracuse fishermen have exported this environmentally friendly mode of traditional fishing around the Mediterranean);

- Analysis of the political and economic costs of non-integration in the European.